Getting Started

The basics....

  • Small sharp pair of embroidery scissors for cutting thread, not for using to cut paper as it will blunt the blades.
  • Larger bladed scissors used to cut fabric. Younger embroiderers will need adult supervision. Older ones will need to learn how to use these scissors safely.
  • Needles – packet of assorted hand-sewing needles.
  • Pins – glass or plastic topped pins to hold fabric together.
  • Threads – initially standard cotton and pearly cotton.
  • Fabrics – felt, aida (for cross stitch), cotton or calico.
  • Inch tape - for measuring.
  • Needle case – to hold your sewing needles in ( perhaps this could be a first project?)
  • Care must be taken when using all sharp items.
  • These items can be found in local needlecraft shops or department stores with a haberdashery department and in some supermarkets. The likely cost to get started on a first piece of embroidery is £10.00.
  • Information for members will include details of supplies and suppliers who offer special terms.