Young Embroiderers and Professor Malcolm Lochhead - University of Glasgow

Over recent years Junior Embroiderers and Textile Students have worked with Professor Malcolm Lochhead at Glasgow Caledonian University on a variety of topics.

Scottish Young Embroiderers were again fortunate to have a session of design classes with Professor Malcolm Lochhead.

This time we were especially inspired by being in the Design Studio, surrounded by the work of the full time students – in fact on more than one occasion some couldn't wait to get back to the studio after lunch.

We had seven classes, and this time included feltmaking as part of the 'colour' section. We're lucky that Ann Williams, the Edinburgh Group Leader, is a very experienced feltmaker and she led this class - it's not Malcolm's favourite technique,but he was on holiday!

We covered the design basics of line, shape, colour and texture, each week working first with paper, pencils, scissors, and glue before starting on fabric and thread. We also designed on computers and the designs were then printed on to fabric. Everyone had a poly-pocket folder and they gradually filled with ideas – drawings, photographs, magazine and newspaper cuttings as well as small stitched samples.

This is something all Young Embroiderers could do for themselves as it is amazing how ideas for stitch can be found in some really unlikely places. One week we drew the patterns of hubcaps in the car park – no two were the same. And as for the car lights, roof tiles, paving stones...........all there for you if you just LOOK. At the final class everyone mounted and framed a small piece.

Parents and friends were invited to come along and admire the work and one auntie was so impressed she asked whether Malcolm wouldn't do a session for beginner grown-ups. We're thinking about it!

We are all so very grateful to Malcolm for giving so freely of his time and to the University for the use of the rooms.

Ruth Robb