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Splash of Colour (Brooch)

Splash of Colour (Brooch) by Muriel Campbell

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Difficulty:  Star 

Skills and experience to enjoy this project:
Running stitch and cutting out

Note to parents:
Your help may be required when cutting out the shapes

Health & Safety:
Care must be taken when using sharp objects

Other notes:
The full PDF Instruction Document above includes a Stitch Glossary and tip & techniques in a "Back to Basics" section.

How to make it

How to make a colourful brooch with Muriel Campbell. Full instructions and images are in the PDF Instruction Document above.

  1. Over sew the side of safety pin that does not open to the centre of one of the pieces of felt using a matching sewing thread. This is to be the back of the brooch. When it is completed, put this to one side.
  2. To create the front of the brooch, lay the knitting yarn on top of the second piece of felt starting at the top and attach it to the felt with a line of stitches. For example, running stitch or couching. Look at a stitch book for more ideas. Once you have stitched the first row, cut the knitting yarn.
  3. Then lay a second row of knitting yarn below the first making sure that none of the felt is showing. Stitch the second row to the felt as you did before.
  4. Repeat this until you have covered all the felt. At this stage you could add beads and sequins.
  5. Once you are happy with the front, make a sandwich with the right side of the brooch facing upwards, then the Vilene square and finally the brooch back. Make sure the safety pin is on the outside.
  6. Then, very carefully, stitch the back and front of the brooch together using blanket or over-sewing. Be careful not to catch the knitting yarn on the brooch front.

Your brooch is now finished. Well done!

Tip: Instead of using knitting yarn, you could use strips of fabric or ribbons. I am sure you will have lots more ideas.

  • What you'll need

  • Beads and sequins
  • Needle and sewing thread
  • 2 x 7cm squares of felt
  • 65cms of thick knitting yarn
  • Small safety pin
  • Small amount of embroidery thread
  • 6cm square of Vilene or thick card