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Free-Machine Flower Brooch

Free-Machine Flower Brooch by Sally McCollin

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Difficulty:  Star Star Star 

Skills and experience to enjoy this project:
Machine Embroidery

Health & Safety:
Care must be taken when using sharp objects

How to make it

Full instructions and images are in the PDF Instruction Document above.

This technique is quite easy to master and creates fabrics which you can sculpt into dimensional pieces.

How to:

Using the biro draw a simple flower pattern approximately 6cm across from petal tip to petal tip on one piece of the water-soluble fabric. Use any of the Flower Templates given if preferred, scaling it up or down to suit the required size.

Image 1a (First image below)
You will notice that I have wispy bits radiating out from the petals of my flower. If you want to add these to your design, do it before stitching. Wind off lengths of thread from the reels and place them on top of the remaining sheet of water-soluble fabric. Place your other sheet with the flower drawing over the top so the threads are trapped between the two sheets of water-soluble fabric.

The following images do not show the loose threads as they would be too distracting.

Image 1 (Second image below)
You will now have two sheets of water-soluble fabric. 2 sheets are easier to work with and more stable than 1. Insert them into a hoop so that the stretched fabric within the hoop touches the table top – this is the opposite way round to how you would normally mount fabric for hand embroidery.

Thread the machine with Dark Red on top and Scarlet Red on the bobbin (this thread will also be seen on completion of your flower).

For assembly instructions, see the PDF Instruction Document, which can be downloaded above.

  • What you'll need

  • Anchor Alcazar machine embroidery thread: 1 spool each of Scarlet Red; Dark Red and Black
  • Anchor Metallic machine embroidery thread: 1 spool of Red
  • Water soluble fabric - 2 pieces each measuring approximately 20cm x 20cm
  • 15cm Embroidery hoop
  • Biro (DO NOT use a felt pen)
  • Bowl of water
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Small safety pin
  • Small round scrap of red felt

Project Images

Free-Machine Flower Brooch Free-Machine Flower Brooch Free-Machine Flower Brooch Free-Machine Flower Brooch