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Miniature Wearable Art

Miniature Wearable Art by Michala Gytevai

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Difficulty:  Star Star 

Skills and experience to enjoy this project:
Cutting and some stitching experience needed.

Note to parents:
Your help may be required when cutting out the shapes and simple stitching

Health & Safety:
Care must be taken when using sharp objects

Other notes:
Finished size about 7cm diameter. This article first appeared in Stitch Magazine. Stitch Magazine is an Embroiderers' Guild publication

How to make it

Full instructions and images are in the PDF Instruction Document above.

  1. Draw an 8cm diameter circle on a piece of card.
  2. Cut out the circle to make a template.
  3. If you're using a sewing machine, set it for free machine embroidery straight stitch (stitch width 0).
  4. Referring to the photo, the outline diagrams and the sketches (all in the PDF Instructions Document), work the designs. The lines on the sketches are a useful guide for stitch direction and shading. Instructions are given for free machine embroidery embellished with hand stitches, but, if you prefer, all of the stitching could be worked by hand.

The embroidery and finishing are all included in the above PDF Instructions Document.

  • What you'll need

  • Felt
  • Scraps of printed cotton fabrics
  • Lace or trimming
  • 3 brooch pins
  • Machine embroidery threads
  • Stranded cotton
  • Sewing machine (optional)