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Map Making

Map Making by Anne Biss

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Difficulty:  Star Star Star 

Skills and experience to enjoy this project:
You will need some experience if you would like to make this project

Note to parents:
This project will require help with the instructions and stitching

Health & Safety:
Care must be taken when using sharp objects

How to make it

Full instructions and images are in the PDF Instruction Document above.

  1. Imagine flying over a particular place or think of a place in a favourite story or invent an island kingdom.
  2. List the main features to be included e.g. lakes and rivers, deserts or volcanos, road and rail links, churches and castles, towns and villages, farms and field boundaries, etc.
  3. Then plan your own key using the grid in the Instruction Document above.
  4. To stitch your map, begin by drawing one or two main features onto the fabric using a sharp hard pencil.
  5. Stitch the roads and rivers first. Remember that a road can go over a river but not usually a river over a road. What happens with railway lines?
  6. Invent a way to stitch the buildings. These can be clustered or in isolated blocks.
  7. Think about how you might stitch trees. How can you stitch tree symbols to create: Plantations and woods, orchards, parks and avenues?
  8. As you are stitching, some of your ideas will change. Add new ideas as you go and you will gradually start to see the map opening up under your eyes.

For more ideas an an introduction by Anne Biss, please download the PDF Instruction Document above.

  • What you'll need

  • Piece of firm background fabric about 30 x 30cm
  • Needles
  • Threads in various colours and thicknesses from very thick to very thin
  • Narrow tapes and ribbons or braids
  • Beads and tiny buttons
  • Scissors
  • Sharp hard pencil

Project Images

Map Making Map Making