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arrow-right.png Junior Stitchers aged 5 and upwards and family members who support them.

arrow-right.png Textile Students from 12 to 24.

arrow-right.png Teachers and tutors in schools, colleges and universities.

Junior stitchers and textile students will find loads of information, inspiration, ideas, and space to display their work.

If you have just found this site you can see some of the information we provide for young embroiderers, a few projects that you can try, diagrams for stitches and tools you may find helpful to get started if you are interested. You can also join Young Embroiderers but you will need to enlist the help of an adult get you signed up and make payment for membership. It costs £10 for a year's membership.

Latest News for Parents/Guardians of Young Embroiderers

General Data Protection Regulation - changes to the law on 25th May 2018

The law about Data Protection changes on 25th May 2018. This will affect how the Embroiderers' Guild (including Young Embroiderers and YE Groups) deals with your data. We are required to take action to be in compliance with the new GDPR law. The law affects personal data. Please see our full briefing for parents/guardians of Young Embroiderers by clicking on this link: General Data Protection Regulation

You will also find our documents on our Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use and Cookies Policy.

The World's Longest Embroidery for Schools

Young Embroiderers is part of the Embroiderers' Guild, an educational charity encouraging and promoting embroidery and textile art. To celebrate its 100th Anniversary the Guild launched the World's Longest Embroidery. It measures nearly 610 metres and can still be seen at various shows up and down the country. We are now inviting schools to take part in creating The World's Longest Embroidery for Schools. Click on this link to see how your School, College or Academy can take part.

De Denne Competition 2018/2019 - The theme is "Life's Rich Pattern"

Each year Young Embroiderers and Textile Students enter our de Denne competition (named after the founder of the Young Embroiderers' section of the Embroiderers' Guild). We encourage entries from all our members - both Young Embroiderers and Young Quilters alike, and the competition is judged on interpretation, skills and originality.

Please click on this link for guidelines, instructions and entry forms. We even have some helpful suggestions for ideas!

You will need to log in with your membership number and password

Check out the de Denne webpage to see all the winning entries from the 2017/2018 competition. Some of them are also shown on the left

Please click on this link to see all the winning entries

News for Group Leaders

Postal Pages - an activity for Young Embroiderers' Groups

Postal Pages Oswestry groupThis idea is an adaptation of the Travelling Books activity, which many adult branches of the Embroiderers' Guild take part in and it is designed to get youngsters stitching and sharing. Travelling Books are a form of "Textile Ideas" book and Alex Messenger, the Artistic Director for Young and Student Embroiderers, is looking for Young Embroiderers (JETS) groups who would like to take part in a similar project.

For Group Leaders this project could provide the focus for a stitching activity. It doesn't have to be the sole purpose of every activity - leaders could pick and choose as they wish. They are also completely free to choose what activity they offer the group. Not every member has to take part although the idea might work better if they all do.

For more information on this fun idea please click on this link to see the instructions - you will need to log in as a Group Leader.

Wiggly Bags - an activity for individual members or groups

Wiggly BagsA Wiggly Bag is a little bag attached to ribbons or tapes, used by children to hold a Hickman Line. (Hickman Lines deliver medication directly to a patient through a tube). They are worn around the neck which lets the line rest in them, taking the weight, stopping the lines from getting tugged and keeping them clean.

If you would like to make a Wiggly Bag to help someone, see our project instructions http://www.youngembroiderers.com/index.php?page_no=185&page_title=getting-started

A new Young Embroiderers' Folio has been created

YE folio Blanket StitchThe Guild is delighted to announce the creation of an inspiring new folio for Young Embroiderers (Junior Embroiderers and Textile Students). It is the first folio specifically created with young embroiderers in mind and has been compiled by Muriel Campbell, former Chairman of Young Embroiderers. This has been possible due to money very kindly donated by the North Herts and Beds branch of the Embroiderers' Guild for the materials required.

A folio is a pack which contains examples on boards of various types of stitch and techniques. The YE folio consists of 29 colourful boards which show a variety of stitches and techniques appropriate for our younger members. If Group Leaders would like to book this folio for a group meeting, please contact the Folios team folios@embroiderersguild.com

Join Young Embroiderers!

Airedale made fabric cupcakesIf you join Young Embroiderers you may be able to join one of our groups, if there is one close to where you live. Our groups are run by adult members of the Embroiderers' Guild and they are keen to pass on their knowledge and skills to young people. They organise projects, show members how to stitch and provide lots of inspiration. You can find a group by clicking on the button "Join Here" and "Find a Group". If you would like to see what happens at a Young Embroiderers' group, take a look at our webpage for Airedale - they have lots of fun!! Click here

When you are a member of Young Embroiderers you automatically become a member of Young Quilters and can go along to any of their workshops or events. You will also receive a copy of the Young Quilters' Newsletter which comes out twice a year.

Once you have joined you will also be able to see much more information on this website - we have many more projects for you to try, news on what is happening around the UK at our groups plus event listings to shows and exhibitions which are textile related that you might like to visit. We also try to list workshops run by other organisations, especially during half term and school holidays that you might like to try.

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